Homless Sign Holders

Are they really poverity stricken or are they just to lazy to work?Do you give them food when there sign clearly states *Needs Money*?Are they drug addicts or are they drunks?Are they lugitt or are they just running a scam to make money?Are they really pour and need help you tell meThese are the questions I ask myself when I drive from city block to city block its crazy because back in the 80’s and 90’s you never seen this kinda thing.

Call it what you will but in my personal opion 90% of our nations sign holders are just to lazy to work.think about it if a person can stand in one place all day long for hours on end then physically there able to stand behind a grill and flip burgers.

On this weeks addition of *The Truth* im going to take your mind inside the heads of these people we know as *The Sign Holders* I am giving you my personal experience with the so called homless.also will give you sugestions on different ways to handle them when you feel compeled to give them your hard earned money.

In Augest 2010 I was sitting at a light near my home in Akron when I noticed a ragged man standing on the corner with a sign that read *Out Of Work need money to support family* Ok I Bit gave the gentelman 10 dollars and felt good about it. I thought to myself hey I did something good for this pour guy out god bless him.. not 2 days later Im sitting in an applebees with friends and who walks threw the door? thats rite my homless friend and dressed better then I was that day. I was in disbeliefe.

Needless to say I seen the same man from time to time after and always made a point to turn my car around  even if it meant being late for work and ask my new friend *How his job search is going?

So I told you that to tell you this there are other options you can use besides monatary notes and here they are.

1- Look in your phone directary and find the number to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. give that as a gift

2- give them the number to the united way

3- buy them food and hang out with them till you see them eat it

4- or do as i do and roll your window down and yell *GET A JOB* and watch them chase your car down the road

These are all effective things you can offer our homless sign holders that will keep them out of your pockets and will insure you a good nights rest. Im Stephen Metz and this is *The Truth*.


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